Bad Wedding DJ
Don't let this be your wedding.
Hire a reputable DJ!

When it comes to a wedding other than keeping the bride happy, there's almost no more of an important task than keeping the guests happy. They need to feel comfortable, happy, and sometimes, they need a bit of a boost to get the party started. Unfortunately there are a lot of people who buy some equipment and call themselves DJs. Although we suppose technically that's the case, we like to think that a real wedding DJ can supply a lot more than that. A great DJ can keep the crowd interested, engaged, and involved. A great DJ can limit the number of wallflowers without making them feel uncomfortable. How do you hire a great DJ? We'll go over that in this article.

Do not compromise

If you're being pressured to use a venue's house DJ and you do not want to, make that known. If you're willing to pay for a DJ that matches your style and can give you what you want, make it clear and stand your ground. Some venues are known for pushing preferred vendors down your throat until you finally give in a cave. Make it known that you appreciate their suggestion but you will be hiring your own wedding DJ that suits your needs.

Make sure you ask your DJ what they do.

What do we mean by this? Well it's simple, as previously mentioned, DJs come in a wide variety of styles. There is a lot of work going on behind the scenes in regards to being a DJ. Some think it's as simple as pressing play, but it's not. A good DJ knows that every crowd is different and that there's a right time to play a specific song, or sequence of songs. Your DJ should have a great grip on how to read people in order to ensure that the right music is being played for the correct crowd.

A good DJ is going to have a solid grasp of music all the way from 1920s Jazz up to the modern pop music of today. This will allow them to read the crowd and play the proper music. Experienced DJs know exactly when to slow things down and how to bring the energy back up to get the crowd back into it. This is where a strong knowledge of music comes from.

How are their microphone skills?

A DJ that can play strong tunes is great but if they have absolutely no microphone skills, you'll be certain that every time they speak, the energy will come to a halt. How about those weddings you've gone to where every time the DJ speaks you cannot understand a word he or she says? We've all been there. A great DJ knows his or her audio equipment and knows how to speak clearly, energetically, and knows how to grab the attention of a room every time their speak. They should speak confidently, lacking "Uhhs" and "Umms", they should now when and when not to speak over the music.

Great Wedding DJ
Hire a DJ that gets your guests moving!

Does your DJ have a back up plan?

Lets face it, laptops crash, CDs skip, microphones feed back, and anything in between happens. A DJ is great as long as everything is working perfectly but a great DJ is great even when equipment malfunctions. They have the ability to improvise and make things work even if it might not be the original plan of action. This skill comes with years upon years of the DJ working closely with their equipment. Not only that but when a DJ experiences issues over the course of their career they will simply come up with a way of dealing with it. A novice simply hasn't had enough experience in the realm of DJing to experience the issues that a pro has had to endure. Ask your potential DJs what their plan of action is in the case of things going wrong. IF you need more options see our friends at Ann Arbor Wedding DJ.

Find somebody who loves their work

Our final tip is to find somebody who loves their work. There's no sense in hiring a carpenter or accountant by trade who just so happens to be a weekend warrior DJ for extra money. Find somebody who loves what they do. Someone who is passionate about the work that they do so much so that it is not even work at all. This is what you not only want, but need from a great wedding DJ.

Do you have any tips on what makes a great wedding DJ? We'd love to hear what you think. Let us know your thoughts and if they're good, we'll try and include them in future articles.